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Stunning Landing Pages for Bands Musicians Solo Artists

Built For You

We will build a promotional landing page and EPK / Downloads Page. Including all of the elements that you need to promote yourself including galleries, music players, videos, gig list and contact form. (Worth £300+)

Domain, Hosting, Email & SSL

Do we charge extra for these things like the others do? NO! Our Web Hosting has no limits, 1 email address at no additional charge and that green padlock to show your site is safe to surf! We will even pay your domain renewal! (Worth £325)

Online Store

If you choose the cheaper option we will create links to your outsourced shopping platform. If you choose Band Site PLUS, your site will be E-Commerce enabled and include 5 products from day one! (worth £500+)

Spotify / Apple Music Players

Odds are you are already using platforms like Spotify and Apple music. Contribute to your plays and showcase playlists, albums or artist radio by embedding these platforms straight into your website.

Image / Video Galleries

Let your fans old and new get a feel for the band by not only listening to your music but also to see you in action! Promo images and videos can be added as well as live gigs. Plug into your Youtube channel for added benefit!

Gig List

We will help you get set up with services like Songkick or Bands In Town so that your gigs can be embedded into the website. Not just that, fans can subscribe to you and be notified about shows AND your gigs can be displayed on your Spotify profile.

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Reviews Slider

Include kind words from fans and the media with the reviews slider. Add as many as you like as you showcase the opinions of those that rate your music! Appearing as a slider users can let it slide or actively flick though.

Mailing List integration

Already using an email marketing platform? Maybe you aren’t but would like to? We will get it up and running for you to accept subscribers direct from your website! All you need to do is make and send the emails.

Links to Paypal / Buy A Coffee etc.

In recent times it hasn’t been unusual to have direct ways to donate to your favourite band. Whether your fans want to just send cash or support a live performance you can send them to your site for the link.

Contact / Booking Form

Want your fans to contact you from the site? Maybe you’d prefer to leave the form for bookings only? It can be tailored with as many fields as you wish so that you can capture the information that you need.

30 Mins Updates Included (Monthly)

You are a musician not a web monkey. All that’s needed is an email with what you want and updates to text, images, videos (30 mins p/m) AND security updates will be completed for you. (usually worth £110!)

Access To Make Changes

Wanna do things yourself? You may have exhausted your monthly quota … so save and use your own login to make changes yourself. Training videos are offered so you can teach yourself how to update any part of the website.

Social Media Integration

It’s a given but buttons to your social media portals will be added to the site so that your fans can directly communicate with you. If you have an instagram or Twitter feed that can be added to the site too!

NitroPack Optimisation

Your site will be super fast with Nitropack website optimisation. We utilise the all-in-one site speed optimization service. It ensures quick load times, improved Core Web Vitals, and a better page experience. (set-up worth £50)

Search Engine Optimisation

Depending on the option you choose, we will either offer optimisation on your landing page OR on your store also to ensure that your website and products are easily found on the internet.

One place to display all of your marketing and social portals ...